The farmer’s market at La Finca del Sur will open this Saturday, July 10, from 10-1. The mid-summer Farm Fest is July 31.

Nineteen-year-old Mavon Chapman was gunned down on 149th Street and Morris Avenue and died of his head wound before he could be treated at Lincoln Hospital a block away.

A school focused on money is being hailed for improving students’ ability to do math and for instilling discipline. The Wall Street Journal likes Mott Haven’s Middle School 223, the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology, which uses play money to teach real world lessons.

Firefighters, elected officials and community leaders will gather to mark the 20th anniversary of the successful battle to reopen the firehouse on 150th Street on Saturday, July 10, Immaculate Conception Church, 330 East 150th Street. Closed by the Koch administration in 1989, Squad 41 remained out of service for 14 months. During that time, 14 residents perished in fires, while community groups held protests and went to court. David Dinkins restored the company on July 1 1990.

Marcus Hickman and Angel Hernandez will lead a history tour of Hunts Point on Sunday, July 18. Sponsored by the Bronx County Historical Society, the tour will meet at the Hunts Point #6 train station where Southern Boulevard, East 163rd Street, and Hunts Point Avenue converge. The cost is $10 for Historical Society members, $15 for non-members. For reservations call 718-881-8900.

Tenants on 146th Street were evacuated when the power went out on Thursday, not only knocking out air conditioners but causing a build-up of carbon monoxide. They were back home by Friday.

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