Each year the Bronx Borough President honors a few Bronx residents or natives for their achievements by inducting them to the Bronx Walk of Fame.

Next month, Ruben Diaz Jr. will celebrate the achievement of Fat Joe, the rap star who wrote these lyrics:

I never seen an ass like that
no I never seen seen an ass so fat (tat, tat, tat)
I’mma beat it til tomorrow
And all I keep telling her is “shut up bitch, swallow”
Your legs is shaking
I won’t hurt you
Now you can be the star of that new commercial

That’s about as much of Fat Joe’s rap “Porn Star” as we can bear to publish, but if you have the stomach, you can read the rest. He’s selling it as a ringtone, here.

Says the Borough President, Fat Joe “has been an outstanding citizen and a role model to countless Bronxites,” who “has positively represented the Bronx and throughout his music career has helped keep the Bronx on the ‘musical map,’ becoming one of our very own homegrown success stories.”

The rapper, who grew up poor in the South Bronx, has made himself a major commercial success with songs like “Porn Star.” But do they “positively represent” the borough you live in? Do you find them a source of pride?

Are you proud of lyrics that demean women, treating them as little more that inflatable dummies for the rapper’s masturbatory pleasure? Should our borough president be?

In Hunts Point and Mott Haven residents are begging the state to stop licensing strip clubs because they bring prostitution and violence to their neighborhoods. The borough president says he supports those efforts. Yet he salutes an artist who helps foster the very attitudes he says he deplores.

Our borough can offer better, and deserves better.

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