Federal funds en route for Port Morris walkers, bikers

Trucks rumble southbound on Bruckner Boulevard
Federal funds would establish a north/south pedestrian and bicycle corridor at the corner of Bronx River Avenue/East 132nd St.

Crossing the Bruckner Expressway on foot or by bike can be hazardous to your health.

To address the problem, the federal government has announced it will provide nearly a million dollars to protect pedestrians and bicyclists who try to cross the ever-perilous expressway in Port Morris.

Congressman José E. Serrano announced that $900,000 in federal transportation funds would be made available for safety measures on and near one of the city’s most dangerous spots at E. 132nd St. and Bronx River Avenue.

In all, the feds will provide $5.7 million for three South Bronx projects.They are part of almost $80 million that the federal government has given to the state through the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Nearby projects include:

  • $900,000 to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety on Bruckner Boulevard between Bronx River Avenue and East 132nd Street by establishing a north/south pedestrian and bicycle corridor.
  • $800,000 to enhance safety on East Tremont Avenue, including shortening crossing distances by widening and installing pedestrian islands; clarifying traffic patterns at complex intersections; studying signal timing for potential phasing changes and new signals; and installing traffic calming markings by narrowing moving lanes and adding center buffer marking, along the corridor.
  • $4 million to improve safety on the Grand Concourse between East 171st Street and East 175th St., by resurfacing main roads, reconstructing service roads and medians, and adding a series of medians along with other enhancements, including raised medians, pedestrian refuges, bicycle lane buffers and bollards.

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