Month: March 2018

Melrose students join national walkout

At South Bronx Community Charter High School on Washington Avenue in Melrose, students were not allowed to walk out due to the cold weather but instead took part in a ‘a step into the circle’ exercise, where students form a large circle and move into the center when different statements read aloud ring true for them.

NYCHA residents say fellow tenants should be accountable for rat infestations

The city’s $32 million war on rats targets what it deems the most rat-infested areas — rat reservoirs — arming them with paved dirt floors, solar-powered trash compactors and a new trash pickup schedule that eliminates bags from sitting out overnight. Since none of the public housing complexes in Bronx 1 are considered rat reservoirs, their remediation is limited to education and recycling programs that some fear won’t solve the problem.