Speed camera in New York CityA speed camera attached to a streetlight.

Reckless drivers in the city may need to head to school or risk losing their wheels.

The City Council passed legislation that requires drivers who collect multiple camera violations within a year to attend a safety course or face the possibility of having their vehicle impounded. The bill, Proposed Int. No. 971-A, targets drivers who receive five or more red light camera violations or 15 or more school speed camera violations within a 12-month period under the “dangerous vehicle abatement program.” Those in violation would be required to take a safe vehicle operation course offered by the Department of Transportation. If the driver fails to complete the course, their vehicle may be impounded by the Sheriff.

The Reckless Driver Accountability Act passed on Tuesday was introduced by Councilman Brad Lander of Brooklyn and co-sponsored by Bronx Council members Diana Ayala and Rafael Salamanca Jr. Ayala voted in favor of the bill while Council Member Salamanca Jr. was absent for its vote.

In 2019, the Bronx racked up 9,711 red light camera violations and 66,291 school zone speed violations according to NYC Open Data.

The bill awaits Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature.

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