Candidate: Julio Pabon

My name is Julio Pabòn and even though I’m running for congress in NY-15 I promise you I am not a politician. I do not want a political career and plan to use my time in congress to organize every business, non-profit, school, church and community for the sole purpose of improving the South Bronx.

When I meet everyone I tell them I’m tired of politicians selling us out when they take real estate, corporate and pharmaceutical money. We have the largest number of public homes, the worst rates of asthma, a criminal injustice system profiting off the prisons.  

We need a revolution in education so that our workforce can come out of this pandemic with the skills necessary to uplift themselves. Through Occupy NYCHA every resident could own their own home and no longer fear gentrification. Prior to the pandemic we were hosting forums on credit and investing because we asked and that’s what the people wanted.

I have already changed criminal laws through “Discovery for Justice” because you don’t have to be elected to be effective and judging from the 21 consecutive days of protests; the people have started giving their voice power. 

I have lived in the Bronx for over 60 years and ran with the Young Lords and Black Panthers when I was young. I can’t tell you each and every time I’ve had to stand up for what’s right, but you can look me up yourself.

I love my home but I’m tired of the greed behind politics when pharmaceutical companies pay politicians to keep you sick. It would take nothing short of a revolutionary to help the people in the poorest Urban Congressional district in the United States.

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