BronxArtSpace invites Bronx artists to apply for new exhibition

BronxArtSpace is holding an open call for artists for an upcoming exhibition, called Giving Light: An Art Antidote to Gun Violence. Applicants have until Jan. 22 at midnight to apply.

The exhibition is scheduled to run between Feb. 25 and Apr. 8.

Artists who live or work in the Bronx are encouraged to submit proposals for this thematic group exhibition to be organized/curated by Beverly Emers. Work will be selected by invited arts professionals. The application is open to artists, photographers, sculptors, film makers, musicians, poets and dancers and could include a public art work.

Conversations will contribute to memorializing victims, coping with trauma, and the impact of gun violence in communities of color. BronxArtSpace lists the following priorities:
Honoring those lost
Gun violence in communities of color
The exhibition will be flanked by a program that includes:
Community walk with for healing with elected officials
Organizations/resources helping families deal with the trauma of gun violence
Gallery Talks that focus on questions like how many people know someone who has been a victim of gun violence.
Guns: the iconography of the streets.
If “Black Lives Matter” why are we killing each other and what is the root of that?
Exploring the practice of erecting street memorials and honoring our ancestors from a Lukumi priestess perspective
Soul Box Project
Building a community memorial
Open discussion on questioning; Are police shootings modern-day lynchings?

Submissions should include work samples, and applications emailed to with the subject line GIVING LIGHT and could include a Dropbox link to the art work, checklist, up to 5 works and the applicant’s CV.

3-5 IMAGES should be JPG or PNG and no larger than 2MB with file names formatted as such: ARTISTLASTNAME_title_1.jpeg or URL if VIDEO/AUDIO
Checklist includes Artist Name, Artwork Title, year, medium, dimensions/duration
Artist CV 1-2 pages
Any additional info as needed
Accepted work must be delivered ready for presentation
VIDEO/AUDIO should be submitted as URL links. Vimeo is preferred for video. Soundcloud is preferred for audio. Please note that samples exceeding 3 minutes may not be viewed in their entirety. For longer pieces we recommend creating an excerpt or providing a cue point in the notes. Include the following information:
– Password (if applicable)

Once submitted it will be considered final. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

All questions can be directed to .