Photo: Loopnet. 399 Exterior Street.

The New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation are accepting public comments pertaining to its plan to clean up a contaminated site in Mott Haven — a process that would span about three months and include the removal of contaminated soil. 

Community members can submit comments about the plan anytime between Feb.10 and March 10. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will consider the feedback and revise its work as necessary.

The 1.34-acre site, which is bordered by the Harlem River and located at 399 Exterior St., was formerly used as a train support facility until it was vacated in 1975, according to a press release. The site is currently being used as parking for school buses, but with the proposed redevelopment it will likely be reworked into a mixed commercial and residential building. 

Authorities say the cleanup is occurring because there are semi-volatile organic compounds and metal in the site’s soil and groundwater. Cleanup efforts would include the demolition of the site’s asphalt, the disposal of contaminated soil, and the implementation of a Health and Safety Plan and Community Air Monitoring Plan to ensure work is carried out safely, the press release says. 

More information about the project and how to submit comments can be found here.

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