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Another 51,000 students will return to New York City classrooms later this month for a mix of in-person and remote learning. 

“We’re going to make sure we can accommodate,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday morning during a press conference. “We know we can, we’ll accommodate all those kids.”

Of the 51,000, 26,500 are in 3K through 5th grade, 10,000 are in middle school and 13,000 are in high school, according to Gothamist.  On April 26, they will join the 315,000 students currently doing in-person learning.

Families were given the opportunity over the last few weeks to opt back in to in-person learning after de Blasio announced that the schools have been the “safest place” to be during the COVID-10 pandemic, citing low transmission rates and new C.D.C guidance that allows for less space between students in the classroom. Families had until Friday, April 9 to make the decision. 

While elementary, middle and high schools have already resumed some degree of in-person learning, about 70% of families had originally decided to keep their kids learning remotely.  But the mayor and Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter said they feel confident that schools will be ready to accommodate the additional students later this month. 

De Blasio said the health and safety of students continues to be the top priority, explaining that whenever possible, students will continue to be distanced by six feet. 

“We’re really excited to have the opportunity for them to have in-person learning again – obviously, the highest and best form of education,” he said.  “And this will help them to come back strong this year and preparing for next year when we’re going to welcome back all our kids.”   

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