A rendering of The Arches.

Affordable housing lottery launches for The Arches

An affordable housing lottery for 30 apartments at The Arches, a newly built apartment complex in Port Morris apartment, has launched and will extend through August 19th. In all, 60 apartments are available but residents of Bronx Community District 1, which includes Mott Haven, Port Morris and Melrose, get dibs on half of those. 

The Arches, which is located at 228 East 135th Street, was developed by Brooklyn-based developer The Chess Builders. The apartments are available to renters earning 130 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI), which means eligible incomes range between $72,000 and $167,570.

To determine eligibility, residents must find out what percentage of AMI their cumulative household income is. First, you’ll have to look at how much money you earn and how many people live in your household. Then, head over to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development website to determine your eligibility.

The housing lottery offers applicants the opportunity to rent one-studio apartments for $2,100 per month eligible for incomes ranging from $72,000 to $124,150; 25 one-bedroom apartments for $2,221 per month for incomes ranging from $76,149 to $139,620; and 34 two-bedroom apartments for $2,705 per month for incomes that go from $92,743 to $167,570.

It’s important to note that winning the housing lottery does not guarantee applicants an apartment, but they are able to continue with an interview process with the developer. From there, the developer will submit an approval request to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

New Yorkers from all five boroughs are eligible to apply for the affordable housing lottery; however, half of all units are set aside for residents of the surrounding community district, meaning that residents of Mott Haven, Melrose and Port Morris have a greater chance.

The Arches’ long list of amenities includes a gym and yoga area, bike parking, dry cleaning and laundry services, and a cafe. Apartments also come furnished with name brand appliances and air conditioning.

Residents who meet income and house size requirements are able to apply by mail or through NYC Housing Connect through August 19, 2021.

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