Photo courtesy of The Point. A team sets up a new, free broadband initiative on the Hunts Point peninsula.

Innovations help the South Bronx tackle the digital divide

The isolation brought about by the COVID pandemic over the last 18 months helped spotlight all of our reliance on dependable broadband service. In the South Bronx, that has meant increased expectations for a technology that most around the city have grown accustomed to.

But almost 40% of Bronx residents don’t have access to reliable broadband, partly due to the cost of internet service and partly because many don’t have computers. As the pandemic ratcheted up the need for connectivity at home, at work and in schools, the digital divide that has long afflicted the borough came into stark relief.

Then, local community organizations stepped up, filling the void with innovative solutions. The Mott Haven Herald and Hunts Point Express spoke with residents, organizations and grassroots groups to highlight some of the measures taken to help pull the South Bronx through the turmoil left by the pandemic, and to determine what lessons have been learned.

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