The Mott Haven community fridge lies on its side following a vandal's attack.

Mott Haven’s community fridge vandalized

Early this morning, the Mott Haven community fridge’s pantry and refrigerator were tipped over by so-far unidentified vandals, and the electric cord was cut. As a result, a vital food source for hundreds of local residents has been disrupted.

Last year, two local schoolteachers placed the refrigerator there to help feed their students and their families.

Organizers have started a fundraising campaign to help overcome the damage, so far raising over $1,000. They hope to raise enough money to replace the fridge and build a more durable winterization shed and pantry, to keep the effort going and turn a minus into a plus.

“We always make a comeback,” said resident Ruben “Chino” Calderón, a local resident who volunteers to take care of the fridge.

Fridge co-founder Dan Zauderer, one of the teachers who masterminded it, vowed to “replace the fridge with an even bigger, better, and more colorful one.”