A digital portrayal of 425 Grand Concourse by Dattner Architects.

A new affordable housing complex at 425 Grand Concourse has begun accepting applications for rental units through the city’s web portal, Housing Connect. Applicants can enter the lottery for one of  41 studio units, 82 one-bedroom units, 84 two-bedroom units, or 41 three-bedroom units. 

Of the total 277 units, 28 units are listed on Housing Connect for “extremely low-income” households making below 30% of area median income ($32,220 for a family of three), 55 units are for up to 40% AMI ($42,960 for the same family size), 55 units are for up to 70% AMI ($75,180), 41 units are for up to 100% AMI ($107,400), and 69 apartments are for up to 130% AMI ($139,620). Additionally,  29 units are aside  for people with disabilities and city employees.

Rents are one-third of income for each income group. The developers, Trinity Financial and MBD Community Housing Corporation, received support from the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation to ensure rents stay below market rates over the long-term.

Residents of Bronx Community Board 1, which includes parts of Mott Haven, Port Morris, and Melrose, get a preference for 50% of units in the lottery. However, many local residents will only qualify for a small subset of the available apartments due to the income requirements. The median income in Community Board 1 and 2 is about $26,000.

On the first two floors, the building will house a medical facility, a supermarket, a community support space, and a new student services center for CUNY’s Hostos Community College. Dattner Architects, which designed the building, said its superior insulation and design will result in 70% less energy use than conventional  housing projects.

Applications will close on April 11.  To determine your income category, see the table below.

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