Photo: Jimmie McKinney. Valeria Divinorum leading the Art of Light Workshop at Longwood Art Gallery.

Longwood Gallery hosts an “Art of Light” interactive workshop for kids

South Bronx kids had a day of creative fun with color at Hostos Community College’s Longwood Art Gallery on Tuesday.

Argentinian Artist Valeria Divinorum led “Art of Light,” showing pre-teens how to cut out abstract designs from construction paper, then personalize their creations with color pencil and markers. Their designs were held in front of multi-color light boxes that projected intricate designs on the gallery walls.

The idea was derived from Divinorum’s own artwork, which is on display in the gallery until Aug. 19 as part of the gallery’s Light & Shadow:Rethinking Visual Spaces exhibition. Divinorum uses stained and beveled glass as well as lead free solder to construct what she describes as “hyper dimensions.” She then projects light through her creations to create an unpredictable flurry of colors and patterns.

Other artists featured in the Light & Shadow exhibition are: Donna Diamond, Mona Saeed Kamal, Geoffrey Owen Miller, Michael Young, Samantha Holmes, Sohhee Oh, and Leonardo Madriz. The showcase was curated by Bronx-based artist Elizabeth Alejandro. 

This was Divinorum’s first youth workshop of this kind, but she said it won’t be her last.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to share these toys with kids, because I’m a kid in my studio, too,” said Divinorum.

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