By Adam Liebowitz

This summer, youth in THE POINT’s Summer Day Adventure Program and the teen ACTION program launched a new initiative around urban farming. In EarthBoxes and gardens at both THE POINT and the Bryant Hill Community Garden we planted seeds and seedlings of many different types of vegetables.

This initiative hopes to inspire our youth and the larger community to get first-hand experience working with the earth and growing vegetables, as well as educating them about the healthy benefits of eating locally-sourced food both for themselves and the environment.

And its not just us! Check out the video below about the growing movement in the South Bronx and beyond! Featured in the video is Bissel Gardens, Friends of Brook Park, Part of the Solution, Brotherhood / Sister Sol, slides courtesy of the Majora Carter Group, Bascom Catering, and more!

And there are SO MANY other groups doing similar amazing work that didn’t make it into this cut but are just as vital to the goal, such as the BLK Projek, South Bronx Urban Farmers Collaborative, For A Better Bronx, More Gardens, Added Value, the list goes on and on.

The full length video will be screened in its entirety at a special World Premiere event happening at THE POINT CDC on Saturday November 14th, 2009.

Adam Liebowitz heads the ACTION Program at The Point CDC.

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