Candidate: Frangell Basora

We will build a system where healthcare is directly focused on our people and on our communities. Additionally, we will address our communities’ mental health crises and the disparity in specialized healthcare access.

In Congress, Frangell will stop normalizing poverty and implement practical and real-based solutions that will help uplift all of our people. Frangell proposes a Federal Jobs Guarantee for New York – 15 and the Bronx and for our nation’s most low-income communities, with viable employment that begin at $15 per hour.

 Frangell’s story is an American story and truly the story of New York – 15 and the Bronx. Frangell was born and raised on the Grand Concourse, in the Bronx, to a mother, a father, and a family who had immigrated to New York from the Dominican Republic in the 1990’s.

Because of social and economic difficulties that first-generation and immigrant families encounter upon their arrival to America, Frangell’s father returned to the Dominican Republic, leaving his recently-arrived mother to raise her children in New York as a single parent.

Frangell’s mother worked incredibly hard to provide for her three children, navigating through the incredible challenges that single, Spanish-speaking mothers face in New York and in our country. After many lower-income jobs, she eventually dedicated herself to the Bronx’ small business, immigrant sector, working in and helping establish and run beauty salons and other entrepreneurial efforts throughout the borough and New York – 15.

At the age of eleven, Frangell and his family lost their home on the Grand Concourse and were forced to enter New York’s shelter and transitional housing system, where he moved to various sites throughout the Bronx and Manhattan, settling in Fox House, and then growing up in 220 Mt. Hope Place, the Bronx.

Frangell graduated from Cardinal Hayes Memorial High School for Boys in the Bronx and then from Columbia University and has worked in NYC government since graduation.

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