Candidate: Samelys Lopez

I will be proud to continue the fine legacy of Jose E Serrano. He has represented NY’s 15th district honorably. The South Bronx lived through tough times in the 1970s and 80s. Serrano’s 1990 election brought us a champion of the working class, people of color and the poor. 

My family lived through homelessness. We found our first home in this district. I grew up, and vowed to help build homes for people, not for profit. After graduating from Columbia University, I began my career in Jose Serrano’s office, connecting Bronxites to eviction prevention resources. 

Serrano was a visionary. A pacifist, who led with love and solidarity. He always placed the needs of constituents above corrupt corporations and lobbyists. He fought for environmental justice. He championed Medicare for All. Unlike my opponents in this race, I will too. Serrano taught me to lead with solidarity. When we come together, we are more powerful than the bigots, billionaires, and real-estate developers funding my opponents; gentrifying, displacing immigrants, building new jails in our backyard.

Serrano never sold his soul to rich white men. I won’t either. My campaign has more individual donors and in-district small dollar donations than any other. I am funded by the people, and accountable only to the people. All the people. I am proudly Puerto Rican and Dominican. I take pride in the African ancestry that informs my Latina heritage. I fight for all Bronxites: young, old, Black, Latina, undocumented. I fight for everyone.

I fight for justice. A Homes Guarantee. Medicare for All. A Green New Deal. Bronxites should never fear homelessness. We should never have to choose between a prescription or a Metrocard. We deserve well-paid jobs and a stake in our kids’ futures.

Serrano improved so many lives. He can retire with his head held high. We owe it to him to ensure this district’s next Congresswoman shares his radical vision. I am ready to lead the South Bronx with heart and integrity. Just like my friend AOC. Just like Jose before me. 

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