Lisa Sorin, President of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce. Credit: Bronx Chamber of Commerce

Mayor appoints Bronx Chamber of Commerce president to districting committee

Mayor Eric Adams appointed Lisa Sorin, president of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and six others to the New York City Districting Committee.

Sorin is the first woman to become president of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce. She is also the first woman to become a chairperson of the board of the organization. 

According to a press release from City Hall, Sorin was previously the executive director of the Westchester Square District Management Association and head of LAS Consulting Services, Inc. 

“The privilege to serve on the Districting Commission provides the Bronx Chamber of Commerce, and by extension the Bronx business community at large, with the opportunity to better understand the 2020 Census results which detail the changing population and demographics of our borough and the city as a whole,” said Sorin. “I am eager to work alongside my 14 colleagues on the Commission to inform our respective stakeholders, especially in underrepresented minority communities, in support of vital strategic planning efforts, as our City continues its pandemic recovery.”

The district commission, which has seven members chosen by the mayor and eight members chosen by the City Council, will be in charge of  redrawing council district boundaries for the City Council elections in 2023.

“An independent, impartial redistricting process is critical to a healthy democracy,” said Adams. “This impressive array of public servants will serve the city well and truly reflect New York’s growing diversity. I thank them for answering the call to service and working to get stuff done for New Yorkers.”

The city’s charter requires that the City Council and the mayor appoint an independent districting commission after every census to make sure that each district continues to reflect its population and demographics. 

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